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Nearby Lodging


From no-frills rooms at Super 8 (starting at $46.99), to the haunted Six Flags Holiday Inn (starting at $129.99), Eureka has the vibe and the price points for every rider to sleep comfortably in a bed. 

Nearby Pacific has Quality Inn (starting at $89.99), and is only a short drive from Eureka


Greensfelder Park has campsites, Shelters for group stays, and most importantly, MTB Trails! Ride all day and party all night, or ride all night and party all day! With night riding and trails for every skill level, Greensfelder is a local fav.

West Tyson Park (aka Chubb) also has some of the gnarliest chunk around, and is always rideable, even when other trails are too wet to ride

The local KOA has RV hookups, campsites, and cabins if you're looking for more creature comforts