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Silver Silver Skate Tool

Silver Silver Skate Tool
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ver have to carry three different types of wrenches and a screw driver while skating? Even if you haven't, you probably can see how much of a burden and safety issue that would be.

Silver has a high-tech skate tool to help you get the job done faster then ever! Besides the traditional components; A 9/16" (Kingpin nut), 3/8" (mounting hardware), and 1/2" (axle nut) sockets, as well as a Philips-head screw & Allen Key for hardware. This 'Premium' tool also features a ratchet for your mounting hardware, as well as a file on top for applying grip tape!

Add a Silver Premium Skate Tool in your favorite color to your next order!

Part Numbers

2TSIL0TOOL000KK SIL15680692K