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NEW LOCATION: 54 The Legends Pkwy, Eureka MO  -  Directly in front of the EMBP

OneWheel Pint - 2020

OneWheel Pint
This item is currently not available.


6-8 mile range
(10-13 kilometers)
16 mph
Top speed (26kph)
120 minutes
Recharge time for a full charge
50 minutes with Optional Pint Ultracharger
Digital shaping
Control the way your board rides


Keep Your Stoke Level Up

If you have low to moderate stoke levels, Onewheel may be right for you. Side effects include pure joy moments, getting places super fast and a feeling of one-ness with the universe. Always wear protection. Paid actor reenacts actual real-life true events. Pint is out in the world and people are STOKED! So stoked in fact that it inspired our most recent and most off-the-wall ad. If you chuckled, make sure to Subscribe to our channel and comment below if you've been stoked for longer than 4 hours...

Part Numbers

OW1-00007-00 ONE1289183T